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The Problem

For the first time in our world history, scientists are discovering the far-reaching negative effects of pornography use. Today, pornography is more widely accepted, accessible, affordable, and anonymous than ever before. This generation’s teenagers are growing up in a time where pornography has become mainstream, leading them to naively indulge in it, completely unaware of its harmful effects upon their developing brains, their interpersonal relationships, and society as a whole.

The Solution

Provide teenagers the opportunity to make an educated decision regarding pornography by highlighting the documented neurological, relational, and societal harmful effects of pornography.

A 3 Part Documentary Series

The first episode focuses on the harmful effects of pornography on the brain. We will dive into the scientific research that has proven the physiological and neurological harms that pornography has on the individual. We will also cover a brief overview of history, including the introduction of today’s technology, in order to show how pornography has become what it is today.

In this episode we will focus on the effects of pornography on relationships. We’ll explore its effects not only on romantic relationships but also platonic relationships such as friends, family, and everyday interpersonal connections.

This episode focuses on the effects of pornography on society as a whole. We’ll dive into how our society has become immersed in pornography, how porn has changed over the years, where we’re headed, and what negative impacts we’re seeing in our culture due to the increasing presence and tolerance of violent pornography. We will also highlight porn’s connection to global issues such as prostitution and human sex trafficking.

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